Course curriculum

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    Start Here!

    • I Do Hard Things- Start Here!

    • Do Hard Things_ Your Guide

  • 2


    • Introduction to the Science Behind Doing Hard Things

  • 3

    Session 1

    • Do Hard Things Session 1

    • Do Hard Things_ Your Guide

  • 4

    Session 2

    • Do Hard Things Session 2

  • 5

    Session 3

    • Do Hard Things Session 3

  • 6

    Session 4

    • Do Hard Things Session 4

  • 7

    Session 5

    • Do Hard Things Session 5

  • 8

    Session 6

    • Do Hard Things Session 6

  • 9

    Session 7

    • Do Hard Things Session 7

  • 10

    Session 8

    • Do Hard Things Session 8

  • 11

    Session 9

    • Do Hard Things Session 9

  • 12

    You Did It!

    • Let us know how this course went for you! Did you do hard things?

    • Next Steps


Chuck and Ashley Elliott

Chuck Elliott earned a Master of Organizational Leadership Degree from Regent University and a Master of Arts in Education from Western Kentucky University. He has expertise in ministry, leadership, and public speaking, is certified in over eight marriage education curricula, and has experience in organizational strategy and implementation, organization rebranding, building projects, organizational research, and resource implementation. Ashley Elliott earned a Master of Science Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Lee University in 2007. She has expertise in counseling, ministry and higher education, is certified in over eight marriage education curricula, and has spoken at various conferences, churches, universities, and other organizations. She also oversees the choir at church and loves mountain biking with her boys! Chuck and Ashley launched Elliott Life Coaching in 2019 to help people improve their relationships and increase their life satisfaction through building emotional, physical, and spiritual resources that will equip them to tackle the world.



by B.

Chuck and Ashley are amazing in the videos and you can really feel how much they care about your wellbeing.


by E.

Chuck and Ashley are wonderful! Very personable! I love what they offer.